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Subject: Re: Read the httrack forum offline
Author: GrantN
Date: 02/04/2011 10:02
Okay then, I have a problem.

I have httracked <> at depth=2 with the small bash
script below. Which gives me the main page, and a html file for each forum
thread on that page. And httrack has downloaded those files beautifully....

But it appears that the links on the forum's main page have been recreated
imperfectly. For example, if 

   my mirror folder is at 	 /home/spud/htt/mirror/ 
   the forums main page is at	

and I also know there is a forum-thread html file at


but when I click the corresponding link on the mirrored forum main page, it
takes me to


instead. And a similar problem exists with all the forum thread links on that
page. But yet, I can easily correct it by creating this soft link on the bash

   ln -sv   /home/spud/htt/mirror/   /readmsg    

But fixing this mirror with a soft-link is an inconvenient kludge. Either I am
using the wrong httrack options here, or for some reason httrack hasn't
recreated the links on the forums main page correctly. 

Any advice here please? Thank you...
I am using Xubuntu 10.04 with httrack version 3.43-8. 


mkdir -p $DOWNLOAD_DIR

# Specifying some basic options for httrack
htt_opts=" --structure=0  --max-rate=100000 --max-files=500000 --timeout=3 \
--retries=1 -s2  -o0 --file-log --depth=2 --mirror --display" 

httrack $htt_opts --path=$DOWNLOAD_DIR <> +*
# $htt_opts is not quoted, so it won't be interpreted as only one option

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