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Subject: How to Edit my filters
Author: tarana
Date: 02/12/2011 06:45
I had created a project & it kept downloading for several hours.I have
interrupted it now. But it has downloaded a good part of the website I need.

My rules shows as
<> -O1 "F:\\My Web
Sites\\handouts_webpages" +*.** -mime:application/foobar

After reading the forum I realised the rule should be
<> -O1 "F:\\My Web
Sites\\handouts_webpages" <>+*.** -mime:application/foobar

When I edit the rule to add the filter & re-run the mirroring -
1. Will the files above <>+*.*  that has
been already downloaded be DELETED?2. I also want to change the path where I
am downloading to something shorter. How do I do it?3. Will be simpler just to
create a new project with a new rule & new path name & run it? 
4. I was thinking maybe create a new project with a new path & rules. Then
move all the files  from <> & below to my
new directory & run the new mirroring. Will this be faster & cleaner?

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02/12/2011 06:45
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