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Subject: Re: How to Edit my filters
Author: William Roeder
Date: 02/12/2011 14:58
> I had created a project & it kept downloading for
> several hours.I have interrupted it now. But it has
> downloaded a good part of the website I need.
Don't interrupt or cancel updates (it will redownload the remainder of the

> My rules shows as
> <> -O1 "F:\My
> Web Sites\handouts_webpages" +*.*
>* -mime:application/foobar
This allows all files containing a dot from anywhere (most of the internet)

> After reading the forum I realised the rule should
> be
> <> -O1 "F:\My
> Web Sites\handouts_webpages"
> <>+*.*
Not a valid filter.
If you ONLY want files under webpages the filter is:
-* +*/webpages/*
Add the near flag (get non-html related) to get css/js/images from where ever

> <>+*.*  that has
> been already downloaded be DELETED?yes.

> 2. I also want to change the path where I am
> downloading to something shorter. How do I do it?files are stored in
See <> and options->build

> 3. Will be simpler just to create a new project with
> a new rule & new path name & run it? 

> 4. I was thinking 
Won't work, filenames in cache won't match new structure and will be purged.
Finish the mirror and then move them, but you won't be able to update.
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