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Subject: I have more than 10,000 *.jpg.tmp files.
Author: dE_logics
Date: 03/28/2011 12:22

I'm working on a large in which I've been given a task of collecting a lot of

So I've set httrack for the job, and configured it to download images (jpg,
gif, pnm etc...).

It's a large project, so I run it (httrack --continue) on terminals (actually
the TTYs) just in case the GUI crashes. At times I have to shut down the PC,
so I interrupt the download by ^C. Overtime there's a build up of 24,000 *.tmp
files out of which 10,000 are *.jpg.tmp - 

find -iname '*.tmp' | wc --lines

I tried to 'abort' from the web interface, but these pending downloads do not
get completed. Is there anyway they can be completed?

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I have more than 10,000 *.jpg.tmp files.

03/28/2011 12:22
Re: I have more than 10,000 *.jpg.tmp files.

03/28/2011 15:16


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