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Subject: programme crashed
Author: Helene
Date: 04/06/2011 08:33
I have been trying to download the site "" for the last two
weeks or so!!! 
The first time worked just fine -- but I don't think it is a complete dowload.
I wanted to get more depth and such. I am trying to get the site downloaded on
a data card (such as you use for photographs... drive E on my laptop). At
first the programme crashed after about two days of downloading. (It would
download up to, say, 1.57 GB, then start counting backwards for a day or so,
then crash.) So -- I checked for new versions of WinHTTrack and installed the
latest version. 

I then selected the option of continuing an interrupted download. 

For the last FIVE DAYS it has been busily and very slowly downloading the site
-- with one active connection and an average of 320 B/S. It was up to about
800 or 862 MB, with five errors... Now it crashed again. The error message
said to report it here and to attach some file. (Sorry, I closed the error
window before beginning to compose this message....) I do not know which file
to attach. I am getting the feeling that it would be best to reformat the data
card or at least to delete its content, and simply to begin a new project.
PLEASE write and tell me how to prevent this crash in the future! 

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