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Subject: Re: programme crashed
Author: Helene
Date: 04/06/2011 19:06
Yes, I began the download again -- this time to my D-drive. It is proceeding at
a rate of about twenty KB/S, with four active connections, and after about
eight hours I have nearly  GB downloaded, with no crashes.  I think the
problem from the start was trying to write to the data card. (I do not mean a
usb-drive, but rather what looks like a tiny floppy, that goes into a tiny
slot on the side of the computer -- not a mini-cd, either -- a data card.) (If
a computer is not equipped with a card reader, one can purchase a card-reader
for it, which plugs into a usb-port....) 

If the stored info gets too small, I will try to allow less depth. At the
moment the depth is selected to be 10 with external depth up to 2 levels. I
wish I could talk to someone about the settings. There are so many settings!! 
s(Yes there is Fred Cohen's user manual... So much to read). Anyhow thank you
for this software. I use it mainly to mirror things for friends who do not
have internet. 
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