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Subject: Re: Interruptions
Author: Jared
Date: 04/21/2011 15:11
Seems i stuff up up the options... instead if choosing "Interrupted download" I
chose "Update existing".. The reason why it took so long was because it WAS
downloading everything again from scratch :P.

SHould this actually do what it says?  That is ONLY update files that have
been changed, not do everything from scratch ? 

You might as well call Update existing a new project, coz thats basically what
it is.. It deletes all files/folders and re-downloads.

If it was truly, "only updating files that have changed" the time would have
been much shorter.  My fault for choosing wrong option, but the fact anyway
"Update exiting download" does not update existing.. it deletes existing.

Anyway Point noted, I'll never to that again.....
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