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Subject: Sensitivity to 'alt' content
Author: Cleon Teunissen
Date: 06/25/2011 14:48
ckteunissen - at - telfort - dot - nl

Feature request

My website is <>

In the source code of my webpages in some cases the alt= attribute of images
contains in between words the string &lt;br&gt;
(Here I used the "escape" &lt; rather than the character itself. (Force of
habit; many forums parse html elements). In plain text: <br>) 
(This line break element comes from duplicating the image caption as the
content of the alt attribute. That turned out to be a bad idea, and I'm moving
away from that.)

When trying to create a HTTRack mirror of my site:
I noticed that with that string present somewhere in the alt= attribute
HTTrack won't include the image in the mirrored website.

I'm aware that the content of the alt attribute should be plain text anyway;
so I know it's _my_ problem, not a HTTrack bug.

Still, I'm surprised.
I wonder, why does the content of the alt= attribute matter at all? It seems
to me that for HTTrack it suffices to parse the src= attribute only. It seems
to me HTTrack performance would be more foolproof if the alt= attribute is
excluded from being parsed.


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