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Subject: Authentication trouble
Author: Fred
Date: 06/28/2011 09:38
Hi, I am having a similar issue as the one posted here:

I am trying to clone the members section of a VBulletin forum website. When I
use HTTrack to capture the login URL, I get confirmation in my browser that
the information was captured by HTTrack.

In HTTrack the captured URL looks like

In HTTrack I set the following scan rules

I would hope this would be sufficient to filter the logout, and grab the
member forum pages. I have also set Spider to no robots.txt rules. However, I
seem to have problems.

When I try to mirror the site, the copy finishes. When I click view site, the
welcome login screen loads (Thank you for logging in), but then after a second
or two it takes me back to the non-member area as if it did not login. None of
the member pages are downloaded.

I have verified that I have 'accept cookies' checked. 

My log file states:
03:31:19 Warning:  file not stored in cache due to bogus state (incomplete
03:31:24 Error:  "Not Found" (404) at link* (from

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