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Subject: Re: htTrack 3.3.3
Author: William Roeder
Date: 06/29/2011 16:06
> I know it takes a while, but looking the at the My
> Web Sites (default) folder based on the size of the
> givin files active and sizes repoted in Windows, I
> would say its re-downloading. Can you confirm this
We can't confirm anything, it's your machine, only you can look at your

> It started off ok. Testing links and all so it flew
> though that, but shoulds't it be just testing the
> time/date stamp of previously stored files, as its
> clearly these ones must be re-downloading, otherwise
> hTtrack wouldn't display them.
That's what it does, timestamps and lengths. If the site was rebuilt but the
webmaster didn't remember to preserve timestamps, then it's all new from HTT's
If the previous mirror failed (such as lost connection) those files has been
purged from the mirror and must be redownloaded. (I recommend using timeout=60
retry=9 to prevent)

HTT 3.3.3 is very old
HTT 3.33 was an 2005
HTT 3.44.1 is the current version.
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