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Subject: Re: How to do it
Author: Stephanie
Date: 06/30/2011 19:29

thanks for your quick replies. Unfortunately I am by no means a computer
expert, what's more English is my second language, and I am struggling to
understand what you are saying.

> > So I can install the program, and then copy and
> > paste my 5000 urls from my file / table column A
> > into the "Web Addresses" field?> No there is an upper limit (32KB I think)
but you
> can put them in a text file and use url=file
> action=get seperated files
My urls only, as a file / table, are 117 kb large. Perhaps I should simply
break them up into four parts, instead of downloading a lump of 150 MB of
pictures at once.

Or, if I save them as a textfile, do you mean a csv file with comma separated
values? Only I can't use commas to separate the values, the urls contain dots,
commas, slashes, hyphens, pretty much every punction mark

e. g. <!B%29fvNE!Bmk~$%28KGrHqMOKisEwPBtPuqgB>....

So I really would't know what texttrenner to use in a csv file, perhaps a ยต
could work.

> > What will I get as a result? I would like to have
> my
> > pictures. Or will I get a screenshot of the
> website?> > The websites consist of my pictures and lots of
> > white background, which I don't need...
> HTT downloads files, no screenshots.
I just tried saving one of my picture url websites via Mozilla Firefox - File
- Save Website as 

And as a result I got a jpg picture saved in jpg format without any
background. I hope HTT will do the same.

> You don't need to do either. Just mirror the site,
Hm, and for us people ignorant of HTT that means?
The picture host ( contains my pictures and several million
pictures of other people, which I most certainly don't want to download, that
won't be a problem I hope?> use local structure=xx in web/xx and all images
> be in one direction. 
???>Use the near flag (get non-html
> files related) in case they are stored off site.

OK, going back to the instruction pages of HTT and hope that will explain what
you are talking about :-)

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