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Subject: Make an index - very odd
Author: Leto
Date: 07/08/2002 02:27
I've been trying to investigate the "index.html" / "Make an index" problem Tom
and I are having.  I have discovered some things very odd.

Attempt to capture a website (I did with the following

One filter: -*
"Make an index" ticked

What I am getting is the "C:\sites\project\index.html" file is corrupt -- a
merge of a generated HTTrack redirect and the actual page.

Untick "Make an index" and the single page is okay.

The file "C:\sites\index.html", which provides links to all the projects, was
corrupted recently (as described by Tom).  I created a new project through the
normal methods and then it was magically fixed!  It fixed before I even
started using my new project.

Okay, great, but then after I had completed using the new project, the file
above was corrupt again.  The "Make an index" option appears to have no
bearing on this.

Also... if I simply open an existing project it will fix the file.

What is the function of "Make an index"?  The tooltip says "Creates a start
page".  Is this only for the project's index.html (eg,
c:\sites\project\index.html) (in case the project url is  Or is it also the project overview (eg,

My current solution
May be useful for you at least Tom:  after you've done a capture, open it
again (double click .whtt and click Next, then Exit) and the list of projects
is repaired.

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