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Subject: Re: Make an index - very odd
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/08/2002 20:32
> I've been trying to investigate the 'index.html' / 'Make
> an index' problem Tom and I are having.  I have
> discovered some things very odd.

Hum, redid some tests without success.. it seem to be 
related to some internal windows chdir handling, I'll try 
to synchronize the httrack/* files and internal ones, so 
that this problem won't affect the pag look - at least

> What is the function of 'Make an index'?  The tooltip
> says 'Creates a start page'.  Is this only for the
> project's index.html (eg, c:sitesprojectindex.html) (in
> case the project url is  Or is it
> also the project overview (eg, c:sitesindex.html)?
Well, for both, BUT the GUI forces to generate the top 

> My current solution
> May be useful for you at least Tom:  after you've done a
> capture, open it again (double click .whtt and click
> Next, then Exit) and the list of projects is repaired.

A temporary hack.. I'll try to fix that problem anyway!

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