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Subject: download.php?id= Downloading Issue
Author: Michael
Date: 09/05/2011 04:40
I am using v3.44 with Win 7 64bit.  I have finally found a way to download the
files from <>
since you have to actually CLICK on the picture to get it to download from
<> .  This took me a
LONG time to figure out and my work around was to create an excel file
starting at download.php?id=1 and just creating links up to
download.php?id=5000.  The issue is I don't need ALL the artwork, I just need
it from certain galleries i.e. Scanned DVD Labels
<> I know this
probably isn't the best way but I couldn't find any other way to get the
program to actually get the program to download the actual
"download.php?id=xxx" link. 

Any suggestions on how to get this to work without having the txt file with
5000 links?   

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download.php?id= Downloading Issue

09/05/2011 04:40
Re: download.php?id= Downloading Issue

09/05/2011 16:09
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