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Subject: Re: download.php?id= Downloading Issue
Author: Michael
Date: 09/06/2011 00:04
Yes the site is protected, sorry about that.  

1) This page is the
page for Aeon Flux DVD Label and it shows a 400 x 400 thumbnail of the label. 
You have to actually click on the label for the download to begin.  When I
hover over the label the url appears in the status bar
in IE.  When I click on the label, IE automatically asks where I want to save
the downloaded file.  When I save it, the filename is
"Aeon_Flux_Scan_Label_D1_DVDcoversfuzion_original.jpg".  Hope that helps clear
things up for # 1

2) Yes, I have been able to authenticate with HTT because it will allow me to
download as many full size images I want.  The issue is I have set up a text
file with ALL of the known links:
etc, etc all the way through

This actually downloads the full sized artwork but I don't NEED all the
artwork from all the ID's, just from the scanned cover and scanned label
sections.  I cannot figure out the numbering scheme.  Aeon Flux is 920 but
Aladdin, which is right after Aeon Flux is 32204 but they are on the same
page.  That is why I was hoping HTT would be able to go to the different
gallery pages (each shows 48 images) and download those images only, not all

I hope that clarifies and thanks for all the help and a GREAT program, even if
it doesn't work in this instance I am still glad I found it.
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