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Subject: HTTrack Slow Download Speeds (Throttled?)
Author: Jitin
Date: 09/17/2011 19:29
I downloaded the Linux tar.gz archive for httrack 3.44.1 and compiled the
sources. I am using the following command line:

httrack --skeleton -d --search-index -%q --assume
asp=text/html,aspx=text/html,jsp=text/html,do=text/html -%F "Mirrored [from
host %s [file %s [at %s]]]" -A100000000 -%c25 -T30 -V "grep --ignore-case
--files-with-matches --file=keywords.txt \"\$0\" >> matches.txt" -%v -z -%L
Seeds.txt -O downloads

The download speed I am getting with httrack is about 26 KiB/s. However, these
sites are on the LAN and wget is reporting average download speeds for the
files to be around 12 MB/s. I found another thread related to slow downloads
( that
mentions that httrack throttles downloads by default. However, I did specify
the -A option above, so that should disable the throttling, right?
Am I missing something, or is this limitation built in to httrack?

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