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Subject: Re: Can me Help!
Author: Enzo1973
Date: 11/30/2011 22:01
Hi William, thanks for call.
I think you can understand my English, I have learned it long time ago at
school many years ago. I speak Italian and Germ very well.
So I have searched about other ways, and I found a Browser that load the frame
or the full side, when it is a completely file or source.
Now you will to know the Browsers Name. Yes I give you this, and it is also
good how the Mozilla and additional he or it can loadet Torrent files in his
own Browser or window in him self. I have tested it so after loading the Pages
I have put it on Offlinemodus. And he had me seen the other Photos that comes
afters. Now it's another searching task for me to look who I find this new
created temporarily File in the my Opera Browser. Thanks!

One fabious Shockwave Flash file is this here, that I have found now.  
Here is the URL= 
But don't have fear about this Poster. Also time ago in a cinema presence that
now it wasn't be found from me of his side is this other, if you are
interested you can loaded it from my Account for you 

Must wait be for and I cancelled it by the way.

Is this the begin of a new Chapter? bye
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11/30/2011 22:01
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