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Subject: Can me Help
Author: Enzo1973
Date: 12/04/2011 18:29
Hello again, if I load some pages of, example, this side I opened the
Task-Manager to see witch file growing.
Then I searched still looking the plug-in-container will do. I found a answer
that can disable this exe in the about:config windows in Mozilla, because then
the files going in a Temporary internet File dir but delete himself under
Windows XP when is closed the or open a new page!
I use one Computer with XP, why it is not possible to install the Windows7 or
Windows Vista(is an Italian name) more, why it was attacked from  Hacker that
have super Hacker that puts this in my Router or Modem.(Cable) 
I don't know about hacking, but it is possible that is a simile Da Vinci hack,
like invert how a mirror.(Silver sterling) 
That is not the Da Vinci Code. The Da Vinci codes will everybody find in the
Holy Bible to understand really the words in his compositions and
compilations, you must learn the German language. Germ is the original
language off this Book that an guy from Wuppertal, near me, has wrote with my
grandpapapa time ago. His church is older than 120 years. Why he was Jesu and
have make many Soldiers until today.
So I have found the deposit for this only looking the Task-Manager. Don't
respond please
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