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Subject: exit value 139?
Author: Steve
Date: 07/17/2002 01:32

Firstly, I'd just like to say that we are extremely 
impressed with httrack and are waiting with baited breath 
for the next stable release! My project has been using 
httrack as the engine for a large scale preservation system 
since 1999 now, and have been extremely happy with the 
stability and maintenance of the product.

I have a java program that handles httrack requests on a 
fairly large scale. Every now and then I see a request exit 
abnormally with an exit code of 139 - here's the commands 
used (don't mind the repeated arguments - still debugging!):

/usr/bin/httrack <>
" -O "/pandasworking/30005/20020717" -%HzZfI0A60000c12tx%
xb1%sqZ%Hr50M1000000000E172800%Pnp3Da -j -** --assume 
standard -%U pandora -#Z -#f

As you can see, I've got full logging on - here's the 
contents of the hts-log.txt file:

08:49:18        Info:   engine: init
08:49:18        Info:   engine: start
08:49:18        Debug:  Wait get: primary/primary
08:49:18        Info:   engine: check-html: primary/primary
08:49:18        Debug:  scan file..
08:49:18        Debug:  link detected in html: 
08:49:18        Debug:  position link check 
08:49:18        Debug:  build relative link 
<> with 
08:49:18        Debug:  wizard link test at
08:49:18        Debug:  wizard test begins:
08:49:18        Debug:  Compare addresses:!
08:49:18        Debug:  result for wizard link test: 0

Note that I've snipped the top off the log, but the last 
line here is the last line in the file.

Does anybody have any ideas what's going on here? This 
error does not occur all the time - running the same 
arguments again via the same methods results in normal 
behaviour... files are saved and when httrack finishes, the 
exit status is 0. Is there any more information I could 
provide to help solve this one?
We are running httrack 3.16, running on Red Hat linux 7.1 
(2.4.9-31 kernel)



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