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Subject: Re: exit value 139?
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/17/2002 07:08
> Every now and then I see a request exit 
> abnormally with an exit code of 139 - here's the commands 
> used (don't mind the repeated arguments - still 

Darn, does httrack exit with code 139? 

> <args>

I tried using 3.20RC4, and it seems okay:
HTTrack mirror complete in 17 seconds : 9 links scanned, 4 
files written (48247 bytes overall) [50964 bytes received 
at 2997 bytes/sec]
(1 errors, 0 warnings, 18 messages)
07:02:04        Info:   engine: end
07:02:04        Info:   engine: free

It might be a bug in the 3.16

> 08:49:18        Debug:  result for wizard link test: 0
> </log>

Hum, I suspect some stack corruption ; 3 major bugs were 
fixed, and especially a crash in the structcheck() routine

> Does anybody have any ideas what's going on here? This 
> error does not occur all the time - running the same 
> arguments again via the same methods results in normal 
> behaviour...

Typically a memory corruption

Would you mind trying the RC4 and tell me if the problem 
still exists?
I don't think there is already a RPM for that ; but the 
compiling is quite easy:

<download the .tar.gz at

Let's say the httrack-3.20-RC4.tar.gz archive is 
in /home/foo/

cd /tmp
tar xvfz /home/foo/httrack-3.20-RC4.tar.gz
cd httrack-3.20
cd src
./configure --static --make
cp httrack /home/foo/

Then, use /home/foo/httrack instead of /usr/bin/httrack

If the crashes still occurs, I'll monitor the problem using 
the debugger asap.
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