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Subject: few for new
Author: AH TING
Date: 07/07/2012 09:03
1) how many URL i can add to 1 project?2) eg. and is under same url? 
3) once i put more depth, will reach to
right? (if there is link to there)

to confirm:
4) from (have a link) to
(this call 1 depth right?5) eg. (link) to (link) to
when from to ,
we call it depth 2??
6) i do put MIME: aspx to text/html
but some aspx can convert/change to html format, but some not, why? it's too
many file or what possible? cause the screen show finish the work already.

7) when i put depth=10,
from can click to a link(page)
but why my site dont have the (or
** i try robot.txt, no robot.txt also

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07/07/2012 09:03
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