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Subject: Re: few for new
Author: William Roeder
Date: 07/07/2012 13:21
> 1) how many URL i can add to 1 project?The box is limited to 32K characters.
After more than that, you create a text file, put the URL of the text file in
the box and change the Action.

> 2) eg. and is
> under same url? 
This will create the starting page (<basePATH>\<projectName>\index.html) with
2 URLs to choose from. Try it (you can always remove the second URL and

> 3) once i put more depth, will reach to
> right? (if there is link to
> there)

> to confirm:
> 4) from (have a link) to
> (this call 1 depth
> right? is depth one is at depth two.

> 5) eg. (link) to
> (link) to
> when from to
> ,
> we call it depth 2??3

> 6) i do put MIME: aspx to text/html
ONLY do that for broken sites.

> but some aspx can convert/change to html format, but
You can NOT get asp, cgi, php, sql or any other server side code. Only the
html output and referenced files from the public side of a web server.

> some not, why? it's too many file or what possible?> cause the screen show
finish the work already.
No idea what you're talking about.

> 7) when i put depth=10,
> from can click to a
> link(page)
> but why my site dont have the
> (or
No mind readers here. Always post the command line used (or log file line two)
so we know what you did and what the site is.
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