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Subject: interrupted downloads or update site
Author: Todd
Date: 08/13/2012 15:35
Im trying to get this site and its fairly large it was over 4GB on my drive at
one point. It keeps getting interrupted because it takes so long. So I keep on
resuming interrupted downloads and it goes on and on and on but when i resume
the amount downloaded starts over at 0 every time. So I don't know if it is
re-downloading from scratch or adding to what I've already downloaded ? Today
the size is 4.19GB yesterday it was 4.60GB. Not only that but i have one
folder in my web sites with the sites name on it but then there are 2 or 3
other folders inside that one with the same name. This is a fairly popular
site so its big i'm sure, but how much space on hdd should one take up ? Also,
when the site is done i still cant get some of the pages to load. So i think
there is more so i update existing site and it starts all over again from 0.
Its all very frustrating any help would be appriciated. thx   

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interrupted downloads or update site

08/13/2012 15:35
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08/13/2012 16:29
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