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Subject: Re: interrupted downloads or update site
Author: WHRoeder
Date: 08/13/2012 16:29
> Im trying to get this site and its fairly large it
1) No mind readers here, always post the command line used or log file line
two so we know what you did, not what you think you did, the site url, the
site code, etc.

> was over 4GB on my drive at one point. It keeps
> getting interrupted because it takes so long. So I
2) What is getting interrupted. Are you canceling it and continuating later?
(cancel/continue was broken until the latest version of HTT) Use pause instead
so you can resume later - resumes off right where it paused.

> popular site so its big i'm sure, but how much space
> on hdd should one take up ? 
3) On a one page site 100KB. On a million page site, more than your HD. You
can't know how much, until you download it completely.

> i think there is more so i update existing site and
> it starts all over again from 0. 
4) Updating a site does not start all over. For every file it asks the server
has this file changed. Speed depends on round trip time only, is independent
of the size of the files. (I get about 3 files/sec.) It only redownloads the
file if it has changed.
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