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Subject: Help w URL redirects
Author: TomZ
Date: 08/22/2012 10:12

I goet exactly the same problem as the thread below :

My question revolves around the issue of HTML redirects.  I have a list of
URLs that am downloading where I just want to get the homepage of the site
that's it.   Theoretically, all I need to do this is to set my crawl depth to
1, but a few of the sites I am crawling redirect from their homepage URL to
another URL which means that instead of getting the home page I typically get
a just a brief snippet of code with a redirect to real homepage.

For example, if you crawl <> at depth level 1 you
get a short piece of code that basically redirects your browswer to 
<> least in my case)

I could solve this problem by just setting the crawl depth to 2, but that
means that I will get a ton of extra pages/links for those sites that
return the home page at depth level 1 (such as the New York Times for

I know that I could change the URLs in my crawl list to reflect to correct
"2nd Level" home page URL, but these URL's are prone to change (thus the use
of the redirects) and thus I'd rather have HTTrack automatically resolve the
correct address the way IE or Firefox does.

So my question is: is there a way to keep crawl depth to 1 (so that I only
a copy of the home page), but in the case of redirects have HTTrack follow
redirects to the actual homepage.

Thank you !

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