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Subject: need help mirroring a site
Author: Grant
Date: 08/09/2002 16:26
i've got a website that has had so many random updates in 
the last year, i would like to spider the whole site and 
pull all the accessable pages and graphics. I do not need 
to go outside of the domain and i would like to keep all 
file locations the same as on the server (ie, not 
adding ../../ or, just relative/ 
or /absolute/). I would prefer that no extra files or 
directories are added and the current structure stay in 
tact. Given the multitude of settings in HTTrack, what 
options should i set to acheive this?

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need help mirroring a site

08/09/2002 16:26
Re: need help mirroring a site

08/12/2002 03:02


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