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Subject: File types filtering, 'resume' VS 'update', etc.
Author: lavin
Date: 11/14/2012 17:24
1. I know you aren't supposed to shut down; you can only pause and hibernate
then resume. With the latest HTTrack software, is this still true?
2. The fact is, I can shut down (even if the mirroring is not yet completed)
and the next time I start HTTrack, I simply select 'resume', can't I? (If not,

3. What exactly is the difference between 'resume' and 'update'? 

4. I'd like to change the file type filtering option halfway through
mirroring. Is cancelling the current mirroring project the only way I can
alter those options?
5. Is HTTrack able to detect the file types that are compressed within Winrar
6. Halfway through mirroring, I checked the folders that've been downloaded
into my pc & there are some I'd rather delete. If I do delete these files
while the mirroring is still running, will HTTrack continue to run regardless
or will it try to redownload those folders/files that I've deleted (thus
taking an even longer time to finish mirroring)?

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File types filtering, 'resume' VS 'update', etc.

11/14/2012 17:24
Re: File types filtering, 'resume' VS 'update', etc.

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