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Subject: attachment***.jpg?
Author: joe swanson
Date: 12/07/2012 23:38
hey, im trying to download a site, and instead of actually getting the images
that are located here <> i only get the
thumbnails for it, which are named "attachment***.jpg" *resembling  a letter
or number. what i want the program to download is not the thumbnail, but the
actual picture that you recieve after you click on the thumbnail. i have
registered to the site, i have logged in, i set up the proxy correctly, it
works, but im not sure what setting i need to use in order for httrack to
capture the full sized picture. (i get the same problem whenever i try to
download from any other forum that has these attachments as well, so its not
just one particular site either, and no, i dont want to say what site it is.)

please, no sarcastic or unhelpful remarks, just tell me the settings that you
would use in order to download something like this.

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