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Subject: Mobile version of links not working...
Author: hybridremix
Date: 01/10/2013 03:38

I'm having trouble with a website I've been regularly mirroring for well over
a year. The site released a re-design which apparently utilizes some mobile
detection. I've always been able to use the mirrored site on my smartphone,
but now none of the internal hyperlinks work. The exact same mirror works
perfectly fine on my PC.

The reason appears to be the mobile version of the links themselves. On the
standard site the links are standard button-types. Clicking them loads a .HTML
page directly, each one being the index.html of separate child directories.

On the mobile site the links *appear* to load the child directories themselves
with no references to their respective index.html files. This is also the case
with the live website when accessed on my smartphone. Clicking the various
links [which are housed in a dropdown menu] directs you to the child
directories with no index.html in the pathname. However, with the live site
the links work. Only with the mirrored site do the links fail.

As a final note, the failure-to-load page is generated by the browser,
indicating that it cannot find the target location. I've checked this with two
separate browsers. This is not the page that HTTrack generates when it skips a

Is there any setting I could change, or any other effort I could make to
resolve this?

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01/10/2013 03:38
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