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Subject: trying to download
Author: lady bug
Date: 01/11/2013 18:37

Another dumb question probably, but I have read the instructions and am still
having trouble. I want to download this live book


It links to figures and other pages in at least 2 other directories, which
seem to begin with 


for example

links to an "original page scan"


seems to hold the images, for example 


I set up the project for the first link above, to download the main text. I
added the latter two directories in "filter" and "Scan Rules", which is what I
thought I should do.

It downloaded for an hour and still wasnt done, and I'm wondering if it was
downloading a lot of other stuff in those directories that I don't need. I
could see that it was downloading from those last 2 directories, but even
after all that time, when I had to cancel the operation, none of the links in
the body of the text worked. I have a dialup at home so I have to go to the
library every time I try this, otherwise I'd just keep toying with it. So any
help would be much appreciated. 

Did I just not wait long enough, or am I doing it wrong? 


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