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Subject: Re: trying to download
Author: lady bug
Date: 01/12/2013 18:07
I was hoping maybe somebody could try it and see what works for them, since I
have to make a 15 mile trip to the library every time I try, and I have
limited time when I'm there. . I don't know how to find the log once I've shut
down the program. I tried it again yesterday and even though I designated the
lower level directory it appeared to be downloading everything after 20/

I had to cancel it again long before it was finished. 

All I really need is the main text, which is the first link I gave, and
all the illustrattions. Each page also has a link to the original page, which
I don't need. 

Conversely if I could just download all the original pages and convert to one
pdf file that would work too, but the interactive live book version would be
easier to use. But I don't need both. 

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