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Subject: Re: Optimal mirror depth
Author: Brian
Date: 09/11/2002 10:24
> > Has anyone else experienced this and if so what would 
> > be the best setting for the maximum mirror depth in 
> > winhttrack.
> Generally, the default setting (infinite) is good: the 
> engine will, by default, limit the scope of the mirror to 
> the internal site (for example, it will not go outside 
> if this was the starting URL ; except 
> included images, by default). 
> In some rare cases (bogus generated pages which cause 
> loops) you'll have to set a reasonnable (for example 12) 
> depth. But again, try WITHOUT any limit first - it will 
> generally fit your needs.

You missed my point. You can NOT copy a folder
to a compact disk if it excedes a folder depth
of 8, due to the limitations of the ISO-9660 
CD-ROM standards.

But thanks anyway, I'll play around with it.
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