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Subject: Restarting Httrack
Author: Thiers
Date: 08/19/2013 04:38
Hi there !!!

I intend to use Httrack again shortly - have latest used it about one year ago
(that was on v3.46.1).

There was an issue on that version that caused me no end of grief - I've tried
numerous retries of a 5 Gb site on a 1 Mb/s connection, and stopping and
restarting would never work. All restarts ignored previously downloaded
content and restarted from the very beginning...

At some point I stopped the multiple uncessful retries and searched this forum
- and then I found multiple replies from the devs to other users, all of them
stating more or less the same thing (see below).

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post links here, but here's a quote from
William Roeder in the '/24475/24473/' thread:

"The problem is cancel/continue is broken in the 3.4x group.
Don't cancel. 
Pause it and resume later. 
Don't close the program. 
Don't shutdown. Hibernate."

I've checked your changelog between v3.46.1 and the current version - I didn't
understand most of what's in there, but I didn't find anything that looked
like 'fixed broken resume function' , or some such ...

So my question is very straightforward: would you pls confirm that
'cancel/continue remains broken' on current version ?
And, of course, any further comments you might wish to add will be very

Thx a lot for a great program !!!

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08/19/2013 04:38
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