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Subject: Cookies & MSN Communities
Author: Steve
Date: 05/29/2001 20:59
I'm trying to mirror an offensive site that has been
posted to MSN Communities.  Since the site is in an
"adult" section, users must click through a warning
dialog box that comes up.  After clicking "ok", the
site can then be accessed by the browser.

I've copied the /home/user/.netscape/cookies to my
mirror directory (/tmp/msn-site/cookies.txt).  But
HTTRACK does not seem to be using the cookie.  It keeps
going to the warning page rather than going to the URL
I specify.

I would REALLY like to get this to work...
unfortunately, the site is predominantly javascript, so
perhaps there is no hope.   If I can't get it to work,
I have to copy everything manually... which will take
serveral hours (ugh!).

Any ideas?

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