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Subject: Re: Cookies & MSN Communities
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/30/2001 17:15
> I've copied the /home/user/.netscape/cookies to my
> mirror directory (/tmp/msn-site/cookies.txt).  But
> HTTRACK does not seem to be using the cookie.  It 
> going to the warning page rather than going to the 
> I specify.

You can check wether HTTrack sends or not the cookie 
by activating the header debug mode (-%H) and check 
the first request in hts-ioinfo.txt to see if there is 
a cookie header. 
Example: if you mirror, you 
will get in the log file the entry:

GET /foo.cgi HTTP/1.0
..some cookie line..

If HTTrack correctly send the cookie, this might be 
due to other causes (javascript can be a problem, yes!)
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