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Subject: Bloated Sites Download Sizes?
Author: Peter Drakes
Date: 06/04/2001 23:36
Hi Xavier,

A few months ago, to avoid having to always go online 
to view read the site, <> , I 
downloaded it with your Httrack software and it 
worked, except that many pages were missing from the 
site and the software seemed to be unable to get those 
missing pages no matter what options I chose to 
continue the download. 

The good news is that yesterday I download your latest 
version and downloaded the same site again and this 
time I got ALL the pages on the first try, but it took 
over 3 hours with my 56k modem, I suppose that's 
mainly because the site had more than 3000 files. 

Anyway, the only problem is that the downloaded site's 
main /ot directory and it's sub-directories took up 
about 69MB of space on my hard drive as compared to 
18.1MB when I download the same site with another 
offline downloader called Offline Explorer Pro. Do you 
have any idea what may be the cause of that and is 
there any special combination of options I can select 
with your software to decrease the total downloaded 
size of a large site? If so then please let me know.

I spite of the larger downloaded size I do prefer your 
Httrack over Offline Explorer Pro since among other 
things with Offline Explorer Pro you must use that 
software's internal web server to view the files plus 
it never seems to be able to download all the pages.

Also is their anyway to automatically save a permanent 
copy of the logs after the program closes?
Here is all the settings I used to download the site:

Name: On Target

Web address:

Scan rules:
+*.png +*.gif +*.jpg +*.css +*.js*

Retries: 6
Max. Connections: 8
All other settings were left as their default 

Thanks for a great program and I'm looking forward to 
hearing from you soon.


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