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Subject: Re: Bloated Sites Download Sizes?
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 06/05/2001 09:31
> Anyway, the only problem is that the downloaded 
> main /ot directory and it's sub-directories took up 
> about 69MB of space on my hard drive as compared to 
> 18.1MB when I download the same site with another 
> offline downloader called Offline Explorer Pro. Do 
> have any idea what may be the cause of that and is 
> there any special combination of options I can 
> with your software to decrease the total downloaded 
> size of a large site?
First, the hts-cache folder may be responsible for a 
part of the problem - you can safely delete all old.* 
entries in this hts-cache/ folder.
Then, if you want to keep the website but do not want 
to update it in the future, you can simply wipe out 
the hts-cache folder itself, as it is only used when 
updating or continuing an existing mirror.
This might be the solution!

A last note: nothing is compressed when mirroring with 
HTTrack - because the mirror has to be identical to 
the online version, and must be browseable with any 
browser - therefore all local html files stored are 
real html files, as all other files

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