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Subject: Willing to hire for HTTrack work (need help here)
Author: Michael Bruck
Date: 04/10/2014 21:24
Hi - 

I'm struggling and need some help.  I'm willing to pay for that help, as I
really don't know what I'm doing.

I have a Wordpress page I'm creating (mockup at  I want to
download NOT the whole site, but only pages as if a search has already been
run.  For example, on that site, download ONLY equipment = electronics.  That
works, but then the "home" link takes you back to everything.  In addition,
when you run a search, for example select a certain manufacturer, then it
tries to search online (it must be offline -it's being put on a tablet for
rural health clinics).

There is actually a different search string, namely "clinics" which is the one
I want to really limit the download for.  It's not on that page, though (you
have to be logged in to see it).  See an example: 


What I really want to limit the download to just colorado-clinic equipment so
when I give the tablet to colorado clinic, they only see their equipment. 
Then do it later for some other clinic we add.

I can't figure this out....anyone want to get paid to help me and my small
Thank you,

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Willing to hire for HTTrack work (need help here)

04/10/2014 21:24
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