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Subject: Limiting HTTrack to One Domain
Author: Jake
Date: 01/21/2015 18:50
I've been searching around on the internet/this forum for an answer to this
problem, but I have not been able to find an answer that works.

I am trying to download only text (.html, .php, etc., but not .jpg, .mov,
etc.) from a single domain. Let's say it's

So, I open the newest version of HTTrack, for Windows x64, with GUI. I make a
new project, and in the Scan Rules I have the following:

+*.htm +*.html +*.txt +*.pdf +*.asp +*.jsp

Followed by all the listed filetypes in the GUI, but changed to "-"
-*.gif -*.jpg -*.jpeg -*.png -*.tif -*.bmp
-*.zip -*.tar -*.tgz -*.gz -*.rar -*.z -*.exe
-*.mov -*.mpg -*.mpeg -*.avi -*.asf -*.mp3 -*.mp2 -*.rm -*.wav -*.vob -*.qt
-*.vid -*.ac3 -*.wma -*.wmv

This does indeed get only the text files, but when it downloads the text files
from every linked domain. Meaning that if "" linked to
"", HTTrack will make a new directory called
"" and inside it will stick "somepage.html". How do I prevent
this? I would like HTTrack to explore every link on the domain, but no links
from other domains.

I have looked at various forum posts, like this one:

And have tried what they suggested, but have found nothing that actually
limits HTTrack.

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