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Subject: Connection Refused (Linux Mint 17.x)
Author: red03golf
Date: 07/13/2016 13:09
I just installed webhttrack (Version: 3.48.1-4ubuntu1) via the package

When I run it I get an error in the browser displaying the following:

"This site can’t be reached
p5q-em refused to connect."

I have tried the following:

* disable firewall
* run from terminal as user
* run from terminal as root
* comment out /etc/hosts.allow
* comment out /etc/hosts.deny
* open port in router (even though I know it's a loopback)
* tried in chrome & ff
* stood on right foot w/ my tongue out left side of mouth
* threw salt over left shoulder
* yelled at computer with deepest register of voice I could muster

Yet, none of the above is helping.

Desktop Mint 17.x (64) install
No proxy

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what could be causing the issue?

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