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Subject: jpg as html repair
Author: Matt Heyse
Date: 09/05/2016 23:07
I have a site that the original download died/finished with a lot of "Requested
Range Not Satisfiable" errors.

Turns out the copy hit the 99999 max links which is why it stopped (I had no
limit defined at the time)

All of the failed images were replace by orignalpicname.html files and all the
actual pages that point to them had their img tags point to the error .html
(which didn't work)

I've since hard defined a link max of 10,000,000 and resynced

This caused the orignalpicname.html which had a html (text file) error page to
be replaced by the actual picture data (Binary File) but still is named

So now I have a lot (429 of ~6,900) pages that have img tags that point to
false .html files that are actually .jpg files.

So my question is how do I fix this without recopying the entire site again.

Note: all of my actual pages are the output of a .cgi query so locally on disk
there all random/nonsense named files.

One of my thoughts is to delete all the effect pages and affected pictures (I
can search the pages to find all the img tags pointing to .html files)  and
then resync. But I don't know if that will work or if its the best way.


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