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Subject: How to exclude *.gif from the mirror ?
Author: Gotfryd
Date: 10/27/2002 22:14
 A simple (not neccessary short) question:

 Have precise set of filters, will grab *only* the
HTML/TEXT page part. But the resulting pages still
has *links* to all .JPG & *.GIF files !!

 Particulary - when a graphics is located on server
with poor throuthput (from *me* point) - the only way
to use the mirror requires disconnection from
Internet :[ ! - then browser informs (one-time) that
"server is not available" and all works properly ;)
 But with live connection the screen hangs (waiting
for the remote graphics)

 Please comment with where option can force to *not*
save the link for graphics in HTML... !
 Even marking JPG as mime type "text" doesn't work.

 Regards, Gotfryd
(excuse my poor English)

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How to exclude *.gif from the mirror ?

10/27/2002 22:14
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10/28/2002 00:11


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