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Subject: Re: How to exclude *.gif from the mirror ?
Author: Leto
Date: 10/28/2002 00:11
>  Have precise set of filters, will grab *only* the
> HTML/TEXT page part. But the resulting pages still
> has *links* to all .JPG & *.GIF files !!

Okay, two possible solutions:

1. Under "Options > Experts Only > Rewrite links" you can set that to
"Original URL / Original URL".  The outcome of this is entirely dependant upon
the type of website you are mirroring.  If it is simple HTML (not dynamic
stuff) then this may work.  In your mirrored version the images should then
just be broken.

2. Turn on "Options > Build > No external pages".  This should change the
graphics into colourful question marks, but should not attempt to go out to
the Internet.
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