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Subject: Re: workaround
Author: mctaft2014
Date: 06/27/2017 22:28
i downloaded the whole zootopia fanfiction archive (except the fic icons, still
trying to work that out) what i did was put thr web address as
<> (to download all of
them, not just K-T rated ones hence the r=10) for scan rules i added* (to get all story links) (and i tried adding* to get the fic icons but
all im getting is 403 forbidden). under the links tab i have the top 2 boxes
checked, all options in limits, flow control, MIME types, proxy, and build are
unchecked or empty (except site structure on build). on spider i have the top
4 checked and i set it to not follow robots.txt at first because it was
causing a problem but i changed it back and it still works. experts only tab
is default, browser ID is mozilla 5.0. under log index cache i have the store
ALL files in cache checked but i dont know if that's helping... anyway i hope
this helped, those settings are whats working for me. it downloaded every
story and it downloaded every chapter. on the local site the dropdown menu
doesnt work, you have to use the next or back buttons.
if you wanted to download someone's profile, put the link in the web address
box, ex: <>
and in the scan rules add* and use the settings i
mentioned above. this way it will download any story link it finds on the
profile page. this also would work if you want to download profiles too or the
reviews on the stories, just add* (users) or* (reviews) to the scan rules.
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