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Subject: new user -- I'm confused
Author: rmbelson
Date: 11/02/2002 00:12
I'm sure this has been gone over a bunch of times, so 
forgive the duplication.  I'm a new user, an occasional 
writer/content producer of websites.  (Not a code 
specialist at all).  I want to copy an entire site I helped 
write/produce before it gets dropped from the server.  This 
is a site housed at and I don't know how to 
configure the software not to dl the zillions of pages 
linked to my site that connect to the pbs home.  (These are 
links at the tops of my pages. )  I read through the docs 
but I still don't understand what to do -- ie how to leave 
the link on the page so it looks right w/o letting you go 
anywhere from that particular link, while letting other 
links on the page work as intended.

My hope is to burn the site onto a cd, so I can include it 
as part of my resume.  Don't expect to be doing this often -
- unless I get more work in the field.  Thanks so much.

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11/02/2002 00:12
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