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Subject: Re: new user -- I'm confused
Author: rmbelson
Date: 11/02/2002 03:51
> Default settings should be almost fine ; however, erase 
> default filters in Options/Scan rules (which download all 
> external images), and this should be okay.

Maybe I did something wrong.  I did what you said -- at 
least I think I did.  I went to Options/Scan Rules and 
deleted all the file formats in the white block, then hit 
ok.  Nevertheless, the program still started mirroring all 
the stuff from the PBS main page that I do not want or 
need.  I realize how complex this is, as so many pages are 
linked on my site's main page that go back to the main PBS 
page -- and these linked to pages go very deep.  Thanks for 
trying to help, it's a lovely program, I can see, once I 
figure out how to use it.

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