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Subject: Re: Active Connections too low
Author: Matt
Date: 09/07/2017 23:31
Scanin is when it processing an HTML file, collecting and filtering the links
on that page.

Max Connections is how many file transfers are allowed to happen at the same

These are fundamentally different operations.

Scanning is as fast as your computer can go, so it makes little scane to scan
in parallel.
Downloads are limited by lots of things, so downloading in parallel makes alot
of sense.

Mime settings won't change this.

The "discrepancy" is just how the site is set up and the ratio of html (needs
to be scanned) and non-thml files are on the site to grab. Also your computer
speed to download connection ratio will effect this.  Slow proc, Beefy
interconnection, Downloads will be near instant and the Scaning wil be
competitively slow.  Fast PC, 14.4k Dialup, You'l be using those 30
connections nearly all the time.

The setting Max Connections is there to hold you back and NOT just slam the
webserver with a huge about of requests. 5 is good 10 is OK and 30 is just

Taking for ever?? on my 100Mbit (75MBit/s actual throughput) connection many
sites take 4hour+ for me, but many sites are just 20MB total and are done in 5

IF you hit 12+hours and its just scanning its probably a memory leak, check
your filters and try again.

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