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Subject: What to do when...
Author: NDB
Date: 11/03/2002 19:45
I am using your Program to download a Site and burn it to 
CD. I have Windows XP, which I am learning. I copied the 
Site and it saved it to my program files. I want to copy 
to my CD.
Anyway, I want to be able to pop in the CD and the Home 
page be displayed, with any links captured to come along. 
When I try to transfer to the CD, I am just getting the 
File, and not the Home Page. I do not know if this is 
something I am doing wrong or what. This may not even be a 
question for you there to answer, but I thought I'd give 
it a try. 
Can you tell me how I get the CD to open to the Home page 
of the site and continue. I plan on using this at a 
display I am setting up at a Conference

Any help would be greatly appreciated, but feel free to 
let me know its not about your Program...I'm new!!!

Best regards.....NDB

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What to do when...

11/03/2002 19:45
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