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Subject: # of files when grabbing
Author: Erich Gerulat
Date: 11/10/2002 07:11
Hi folks,
when I grab a site there´s this windows with all files 
being displayed. 
What do these three numbers at the right on the top mean ?I only have a german
version, in english I think it´s ín 
progress´or so , format :  194/480(+179)
I can´t find it being explained in the manuals or elsewhere.

Can You help me ?
Thank you very much,

P.S. why have the files to be moved upwards when 
downloading ? I think they can left at there starting 
places, because at the left side I see the status anyway.
Nevertheless - I digged my ´web snake´ - httrack is much 
much more effective !!!!

[It´s not a bug - it´s a feature $-) ]

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# of files when grabbing

11/10/2002 07:11
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