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Subject: Re: # of files when grabbing
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 11/10/2002 16:59
> progressĀ“or so , format :  194/480(+179)

194 links processed and checked fo far, PLUS 179 in 
background, for a total of 480 links found so far. (373 
links out of 480)

> P.S. why have the files to be moved upwards when 
> downloading ? I think they can left at there starting 
> places, because at the left side I see the status anyway.

Well,  the progress info page is not very easy to display, 
because there can be thousands of links to display 
potentially (links "in progress", links "on hold" or "done" 
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# of files when grabbing

11/10/2002 07:11
Re: # of files when grabbing

11/10/2002 16:59


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